Firstly if you are looking at this page right now, congratulations are in order!

Your event is going to be the most special and memorable day of your life. We believe that our food and the presentation should compliment both of your personalities and tastes-providing the perfect addition to your perfect day!

Depending on availability, seasonality and budget we aim to use local suppliers; not only to support them but to support the local economy and the community. It is one of our core beliefs that our food should have travelled as few miles as possible. Although we like to get our ingredients from local farms and markets, this does not mean our dishes are exclusively Welsh or that they lack a magical array of spices and flavours from around the world!
Healthy dietary preferences and dietary requirements are catered for, including for Coeliac, vegans, vegetarians, dairy-free and many more. Please speak to one of our team members about any allergies you are aware of, so we can advise and create dishes to suit.